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Western Desert Dream

This is one of my favourite new shoots I’ve done in the past couple of months.  We shot out in Palmdale, CA and had a fabulous day.  Danny Smith and Alyona K  had an incredible spark together.  Tension, drama, sex and celebration.

Fashion Styling:  Mike Sam

Makeup and Hair:  Melanie Manson

Models:  Danny Smith/Vision Models, Alyona K./Pinkerton Models

Le Case Vecchie – The Old Houses

In my recent trip to Italy, I learned that “The Old Houses” might be in jeopardy.  The Italian government, being as hurting as they are, are trying to pass extra taxes on land and structures, meaning the wonderful old abandoned houses that I love and cherish would then become a liability and expensive to keep standing.  So as soon as this tax goes into effect, hundreds of thousands of these old gems (in my eyes) would be knocked down to avoid the taxation.

This was the house in which my father was raised, along with his 6 brothers and sisters. He showed me where he slept, where he ate, and which rooms the German soldiers occupied during WWII.

Perhaps in my own naivete I thought the Italians left them standing for the same reason I would – a memory of the past, a keeping of tradition, a relic of beauty, texture and antiquity.

But in reality, i suppose they have left them standing just because there was no real reason to knock them down.  i.e.  #1: didn’t cost them anything, #2: could use them for storage, and #3: not living in a litigious society, weren’t too concerned about the dangers of the derelict structures.

I guess now I understand why we don’t find many derelict abandoned houses just left to crumble on everyone’s land every 5 paces in America – property tax would apply.

This is the childhood home of Lina Molicone, a relative of mine. Her mother had just passed away and she was left with sorting through the memories and the rubble.

So while I have been compiling photographs of these old Italian houses for decades, now the fleshing out of this personal project has become more urgent.  Now there is a timeline.  Now there is a foreseeable end to these previously ‘patient’ subjects of mine.

This childhood home of Concetta and Alessandro D’Angelis was not only built by their grandfather brick by brick. The bricks themselves were each crafted by hand from their grandfather, from the sand of the nearby river.

am I in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel?

In my recent trip to Puerto Rico, I couldn’t help but feel like I was living inside a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel.  The peachy colors, the warm yellow sunlight, the majestic almond trees, the colonial architecture….  I was transported into this dream.  Mind you, I guess I was also a bit delirious from very little sleep, but it made it even more magical!

The Hurtin’ Part – Jimmy Rankin

Here’s a sneak peek from a music video I shot and directed last week in Toronto for incredible singer songwriter Jimmy Rankin.  The lead actors are played by musicians Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson.

The lyrics are beautiful and heart-breaking.  ”She took half my heart, and left me with the hurtin’ part.”  ~ Jimmy Rankin.